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About Us

We are a Blockchain Services Provider. We are focused on the de development of decentralized application, in blockchain technology implementation, within its scope. Understanding that the way they bond with the real world and the elements that build trust are important in dApp design. You can rely on our:

  • Experience
  • Seriousness
  • Transparency

Our goal is to collaborate on the path to freedom, understanding that the first known concept of freedom is financial freedom. We were inspired to create an ecosystem of decentralized applications and implement technologies that allow users to reach blockchain technology with tools simple to use. In response to the need for strategies for mass adoption of cryptocurrencies, considering that here we have a gap between blockchain backed tokens and legacy banking on performance, transparency and investro involvement which we plan to narrow with our services.

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We write Smart Contracts, build Cryptocurrency Wallets and Exchanges. We deploy mining pools, create cryptographic tokens, build platforms for Blockchain Assets Management, and We set ourselves in every other aspect around Blockchain Tech, from Education to Finance and Trading.

Online Banking

Using Blockchain Technology you can launch your own banking services.

Smart Contracts

You can perform truly private and unalterable democratic votations.

Fast Remittance

Send money from almoust every country to any other country.

Crypto Mining

You can invest in specialized mining equipment.

Buy / Sell Bitoin

If you want to buy or sell Bitcoins with your local currency just contact us.


More about us.

Fritz Wagner

Chief Executive Officer

Production Engineer and Developer with more than 5 years of experience in Blockchain Industry. Experience in Trading and Mining with Cryptocurrencies.

Cristina Wagner

Chief Financial Officer

Lawyer, MBA (UK), Cryptocurrency Accountant and Tax Advisor (USA). International career spaning South America, EU and the USA in Banking Industry.


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Smart Contract

$970one time only

  • Your Own Cryptocurrency - Token
  • Awesome Info Web Page
  • Whitepaper
  • 10 Hours of Advise
  • User Platform - Admin
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Multi Wallet

$17,800one time only

  • Your Own Cryptocurrency
  • 10 Cryptocurencies Nodes
  • Payment Processor using Crypto
  • API for Exchange
  • Automatic Exchange Service
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